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                                        Welcome to K&I International Co., Ltd!"





K&I International Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 in order to develop mineral resources along with eco-friendly and renewable energy materials overseas. There are three Indonesian subsidiaries in our company.

We have been exploiting a diatomite ore concession and exploring two gold mining lots in Indonesia. We also have been participating in the development of gold mining in Ghana, Africa in partnership with one of the mining companies in the United States.

In August 2020, we conducted Diatomite Feasibility Study with PwC. And most recently in April 2021, the Diatomite Feasibility Study is completed and is on fund raising. Thanks to the results of our extensive exploration efforts, abundant and high quality reserves of diatomaceous earth have been identified by world major companies in our mining concessions, and we have performed tests boring for further production of high value-added, state-of-the-art, and eco-friendly, renewable energy materials, including filters and fillers.

In addition, through our full-scale gold mining activities, we have found a large gold ore body with excellent grade in Sabeta area, according to detailed surface geological survey and further confirmed two strong geochemical anomaly zones and 15 anomaly points, based on soil geochemical survey by our own survey team.

We are also selected as a candidate of state subsidy for overseas development of mineral resources at Korea Resources Corporation (KORES) and thus the related pre-investment survey was conducted by KORES. In addition, relied on the gold mine field study by Chinese geologists of Institute of Regional Geology and Mineral Resources Survey of Hebei Province (IRGMRSHP) in April 2013, the MOU for joint development of our PT. ORO KNI gold mine was concluded between K&I and IRGMRSHP. We are now in the process of Amdal started and expecting to start the production by obtaining the production license for gold mine.

We will commit ourselves to challenging for the future development of global resources with our spirit of creativity and frontier mindset.

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