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Based on the results of our explorations up to now, we're convinced that our DE mining concession will be developed as the world's top-grade DE mine.

We plan to dig for more than 60 thousand tons of high-grade DE each year. After the completion of primary processing at the calcining plant, located at a site adjacent to Sidangoli port near the mine, we will supply it to our customers all over the world, including Indonesia.

A certain amount of primarily processed DE products will be brought into Korea, reprocessed in domestic plants and used to produce high-quality, environmentally-friendly, and high-tech materials.

We plan to actively export DE to foreign countries, in addition to satisfying local demand.

We look forward to your kind support and interest in our company, which is now ready to take a big leap toward a broader market in the world.


We plan to mine DE ores by an open-pit method applying bench-cut techniques (bench height = five meters).



We plan to exploit and extract DE from the deposits according to the following schedule on a yearly basis
     (elevation = 200 ~ 50 ML).

     Initial Stage: 30 Thousand Tons/Year
     Middle Stage: 60 Thousand Tons/Year

     Anticipating future improvements to value-added performance:
     According to technological advancements, we plan to dig out DE from the deposits at a depth of less than 50 ML
     and to harvest 120 thousand tons of minerals per year in the future.


 Based on a good supply of high-grade DE and now we plan to:

      1. Establish large-scale primary processing facilities for excavating and drying.

      2. Set up a production plant to manufacture high value added items such as high-grade fillers and filter aids which are the most significant application of the traditional DE market.

      3. Set up High Purity Silica and metal silicon production facilities which are 10 times more profitable than the existing product’s value added by utilizing primary processed ore.

규조토 개발계획
금광산 개발


We have identified a large and excellent gold ore body with the reserves of 45.09 tons (in terms of metal) at our gold mine site in Sabeta area, according to geological deposit survey from January to December 2012.

After drilling this gold ore body and understanding its development situation, we plan to begin the production of gold. In addition, we are going to secure an additional reserves and lay the ground for the long-term development by carrying out trenching in the anomaly zones and points, detected by geological deposit survey.

The development potential of our mine concession has expected to be huge, given the fact that our mine has very similar geological features to the nearby NHM mine. This potential has been much bigger since a massive gold ore body was detected in Sabeta area in the year of 2012.

We, the members of K & I International, will strive to make the dream of Eldorado come true, by exerting our utmost efforts in the exploration and exploitation of gold ore deposit, with our frontier spirit.

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