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K&I International, holding a wealth of experience in gold deposit exploitations and mine operations, had invested in gold mines in Ghana, Africa together with an American mining company. In addition, we have been conducting a geological survey and scrutiny to explore and examine 120 locations in Indonesia including Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi region for developing bituminous coal, iron ore, gold, petroleum, silica stone, diatomaceous earth, etc. We’ve acquired the exploitation permit for two DE mines and the exploration permit for two gold mines on West Halmahera county, North Maluku province of Eastern Indonesia along with the general exploration permit over the entire West Halmahera county and also we’ve been surveying on the related mines. Furthermore, we've completed the EIA(Environmental Impact Assessment) of the DE mines and Kaolin mines for mineral resources development and acquired the exploitation permits from the Indonesian government.

In order to carry out the DE business effectively, we designated one company among the world's top 3 majors in this industry, World Minerals (U.S.), EP Minerals (U.S.) and CECA (France), as our exclusive priority partner for the joint venture project through consultations (The name of the company cannot be revealed for legal obligations regarding confidentiality).

We are willing to establish a successful joint venture business through the combination of our high-quality DE ore with their superior technology and marketing capabilities from the world major. If a contract is made properly, we are going to set up a DE processing plant, with the annual production of 60,000 tons in Indonesia in the year of 2014.

Besides, we've been actively working on technology development using DE with Korean and Japanese partners to build a production base for high purity silica, metal silicon, and polysilicon of photovoltaic materials. Some of the developed technologies are already in the process of being applied for Korean and International Patents including Japan and Europe.

In addition to the DE business, we've got gold mine concessions, quite close to the mining area of PT. Nusa Halmahera Minerals, producing 9 tons of high quality gold yearly since 1999. In fact, our mining area is in the same vein with that of PT. Nusa Halmahera Minerals and we have discovered a massive gold ore body through detailed geological deposit survey. Recently, we have concluded the MOU with the Institute of Regional Geology and Mineral Resources Survey of Hebei Province (IRGMRSHP) in China and also several gold mining companies including those in Australia have suggested a collaborative partnership.

K&I International in Korea (CEO Jun Jung-wook) has invested  50% in PT. KNI INTERNATIONAL (CEO & Chairman Jun Yong-kon), a foreign investment company in Indonesia, and also PT. KNI INTERNATIONAL has invested 100% in both Indonesian subsidiaries, PT. KNI GLOBAL (DE business, director: Wawan) and PT. ORO KNI (gold ore business, director: Gunawan).

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